altus / theatrical mockumentary on the castrato-voice

schwankhalle bremen 2014
collaboration with christian grammel, recha la dous, bernhard la dous
concept, scenography, costume, performance

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The project is based on the fiction of a startup company: Bringing social responsibility into the cultural industry by re-establishing the „lost voice“ of Europe’s musical history - the castrato. Young orphans from Moldavia receive a musical education and can - if talented - be granted a scholarship for an academic study of singing. A medical treatment replaces the cruel approach of ancient practices. The expected income will be shared with the current orphans in Moldavia - providing a better education and living facilities. The project consists of a press-conference, three days of marketing in the city and finally a concert (“the angel’s cry - Barock mit Pomp, Drive und Schmelz“), which combines semi-staged baroque-arias, a professional presentation of „Altus“ and lecture of the documentation.

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