a lovely sunday for creve coeur // tennessee williams // 2007

collaboration stage design: heike heldt
english drama group zürich // premier: 14.05.08 theater stok zürich

set: apartment: kitchen & living room & bedroom // atmosphere: crowded, screaming colours, crammed with furnitures and decoration..., tawdry style the concept / idea is based on 2 main design elements: fluorescent pink tape + wallpaper with flower-pattern due to the very small theatre space where the production took place we tried to assimilate the real space into the stage design concept. therefor the different facilities like kitchen, bathroom, main entrance and also furnitures were integrated into the set. every part of the space that became part of the stage design was marked with pink tape, f.e. outline of a ground plan, but also on furniture and probs. additional to that all surfaces of the objects were wrapped with different coloured floral wallpaper that indicated the different rooms of the apartment.

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