zwischenraum – interspace – acoustic cartography 14´08´

ZKM / centre for arts and media karlsruhe
ARD hoerspieltage 2019
audiovisual installation for 8 channels, created for the klangdom at ZKM karlsruhe

frequency map 02:15
oncoming traffic map 02:00
curve map 03:00
flight booking map 03:33
bridge and tunnel map 03:20


ARD hörspieltage, klangdom, ZKM karlsruhe 2020 filmrolle BAM festival, babylon berlin 2021 kontraklang pulicated in: FROM XENAKIS’S UPIC TO GRAPHIC NOTATION TODAY This audiovisual installation is based on several cartographic documents in which Julia Jasmin Rommel has visualized different aspects of the interspace – the mental state we are in during the routine crossing of distances between places A and B. They address, among other things, transitions, restlessness and continuity, sense of orientation and change of direction, and are each documented by experimental but context-related criteria and methods. Space structuring elements such as tunnel and bridge crossings, counter-trains, flight booking data, curve angles of certain railway lines form the parameters of these movement protocols. Using the graphic sequencer »IanniX« these protocols are translated into sound. In a sort of sonification the attempt is made to do justice both to the linearity of documented paths and to the map as a medium of overview. Rommel's interest lies in the interface between reading signs and interpreting images, which is made possible by the transformation into sound.

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