travel maps

scandinavia 2007

the map describes a journey around the baltic sea i did in summer 2007 three weeks in a car, almost 9000 km of scandinavian street. it is build on a distance-grid that counts the kilometers made per day. the map is based on the spaces in between the places that i visited, as i had only little time to experience the specific places themselves. it shows the surrounding of places but not themselves. the map describes what the landscape is like + the objects along the street. it visualizes how quickly an area can change within a few kilometers and vice versa how you can drive for hours without any remarkable modification.

tuerkiye 2006

zwischenzeit 2007-2008

from the 30.06.2007 until 30.06.2008 i was documenting every distance that i covered, with its starting and arrival point, the duration (starting from a 3 minutes-way) and the means of transportation (by foot, bike, underground, car, train, airrplane, ship). the distance between two places was always measured by the time that i needed to overcome the space. this documentation shows very nice the frequency that i am changing the place with, the repetition and daily routine. it became a time schedule of one year of my life. the documentation shows that i am using a huge part of my life-time to get from one point to the other. there is a high percentage of time that i spend somewhere in between. the relation between the time that i spend at a place and the time that it takes me to get there from another point becomes quite disproportionate. the „nowhere“-places in between usually are ignored by me because i focus on the starting and ending point of each little or longer trip. i know that i am not really aware of the in-between-spaces.

peru 2009

bernina 2008
engadin map on bedcover

general map of the famous swiss line section, the „bernina express“ that goes from st. moritz / switzerland, graubünden to tirano / italy, passing the „bernina pass“. the map is drawn on a bedcover. the duvet transforms it into a spatial, 3-dimensional map. you can sit in bed and form your own beautiful swiss mountains (piz palü, lagalb, diavolezza, morteratsch, bernina...)

cuba 2004

india 2011

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