interspace – acoustic cartography

immersive audiovisual installation / arranged for klangdom ZKM karlsruhe
ZKM / centre for arts and media karlsruhe concept / cartography / sound : julia jasmin rommel
artist in residence at hertz lab | ZKM


ARD hörspieltage, ZKM karlsruhe, sound dome 2020
>> inSonic 2020: Syntheses - Concert 2020
filmrolle BAM festival, babylon berlin 2021
kontraklang, movimento berlin 2022
>> ARS ELECTRONICA 2023, post-city linz 2023

>> flight booking map 03:33

>> bridge and tunnel map 03:20

>> curve map 03:00

>> oncoming traffic map 02:00

>> frequency map 02:15

This project is based on an artistic exploration of the acoustic measurement of space. Zwischenraum is an audiovisual installation based on several cartographic documents.
Some of them are long-term documentations of the relations of different places to each other, others are concrete snapshots of linear distances.
Interspace describes a temporal-spatial interval – a mental state we enter in our routine of crossing distances. It addresses aspects like transitions, restlessness and
continuity, sense of orientation or change of direction which are documented by experimental but context–related criteria and methods. Space-structuring elements such as
tunnel and bridge crossings, counter-trains, flight booking data or curve angles form the parameters of these movement protocols.
As it is my aim to go beyond factual cognitive analysis and to express the poetic qualities of these specific spatial configurations the cartography is translated into sound.
The Graphic Sequencer IanniX triggers live acoustic events as a time-based medium based on a visual combination of curve and cursor.
As a resident at the Hertz Lab at ZKM Karlsruhe the focus of my work on graphic notation was not only on creating the sound material, but also on the spatial arrangement of
My interest lies in the interface between reading signs and interpreting images. (mehr!) The design of a “cartophony” wants to enable a multilayered perception of information
through the interaction between the two different levels of visual and auditive perception.

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