do geography / zwischenraumkarten

10 maps about the interspace
announcement map

// method: documentation of repetitive announcements on plane trips
themes: 1. before takeoff / cabin crew: welcome, flight time, seatbelt, hand luggage, electronic devices // 2. after takeoff / cabin crew: turbulences, non-smoking flight // 3. cruising altitude / cockpit: information about position, flight time, weather at destination // 4. before landing / cabin crew: seatbelt, hand luggage, electronic devices, toilets prohibited // 5. after landing / cabin crew: seatbelt, goodbye
//location / means of transport: various flights with different airlines and different destinations
// structure / visualization: each circle includes the announcements of different flights according to one of the 5 themes / the repetitive keywords like „flight time“, „seatbelt“, „hand luggage“, „electronic devices“ are marked by black stripes with different outline size
// non-linear map

content: ritual / routine // homogeneity of the interspace // announcements seperate the interspace into different phases // boredom

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