do geography / zwischenraumkarten

10 maps about the interspace / 2019

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my definition of „interspace“ is a certain condition that occurs by a repetitive transition of space from one place to another. it is a condition of steady rhythm and monoton movement which, for me, has a certain quality: the physical movement through the interspace corresponds to a „state of mind“ a movement of thoughts and ideas. the rhythm of the travel is the affirmation of its continuity.
„do geography“ consists of 10 different maps. the maps are based on a detailed analysis of the movement while each map documents one specific aspect of the interspace, such as frequency, continuity, individual sensation of distances, ubiquity, change of direction...
i developed experimental criteria, parameters and methods for each map`s specific documentation. the documented elements might be banal, but on the whole they visualize a very functional space, full of datas, numbers, facts and details which are all coordinated to each other. the elements for example are tunnels&bridges, curves, window-view, announcement in an airplane, phonecalls...
the idea of this project is not only to focus on the analytic aspects of the interspace but also on its poetic qualities: the documented facts have to be retransformed into space again so that they can be sensualized. the transformation could be performative or acoustic. this is described in various „space directions“ that are added to the maps

format: 818 x 570mm

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